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Chemistry and Great Scientists Supporting Links

Creek Edge Press: Chemistry and Great Scientists Supporting Links

Links are provided for your reference and preparation. Enrichment materials are optional.

Chemistry For Kids

Periodic Table

Periodic Table

Great Scientists

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Task Card Sets in PDF Form

We are happy to announce that our Task Card Series is now available in PDF form. Thank you for your encouragement, support, and patience!

The High School History and Literature Series will be rolling out next. Volume Three is in our editor's hands and our hope is that all four volumes will be done by summer.

High School History and Literature Vol. 3 Early Modern Supporting Links

General Links for Multiple Weeks:
Literature -


Writing Literary Analysis Papers -


Week One:





Week Two:





Week Three:



A translation of the Peace of Westphalia:

Week Four:


Week Five:





Week Six:
Explore documents on the Quing Emperors here:



Week Seven:

Fine Arts





Week Eight:

Government documents



Dynamic Interaction

Week Nine:




Week Ten:
Primary Source Documents


Dynamic Interaction

Week Eleven:


Dynamic Interaction Literature


Week Twelve:

Fine Arts>


Week Thirteen:

Text of Treaty of Paris


Dynamic Interaction Literature


Week Fourteen:
Read journal entries from voyages to the South Seas here:

Study historical maps here:

Study cultural atlases here:

Read accounts of indigenous people here: 



Week Fifteen:


Week Sixteen:

John Locke  


Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin 

Dynamic Interaction Literature


Week Seventeen:

The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson>">

Common Sense, Thomas Paine

The Federalist Papers, Hamilton


Dynamic Interaction



Dynamic Interaction Literature

Week Eighteen:
Historical Figures


Articles of Confederation

Constitution of the United States

Alien and Sedition Acts

Week Nineteen:
Declaration of the Rights of Man


Dynamic Interaction

Dynamic Interaction Literature

Week Twenty

Dynamic Interaction


Karl Marx



Dynamic Interaction Literature

Week Twenty-One:

Napoleonic Code


Dynamic Interaction Literature


Week Twenty-Two:
Missouri Compromise

Monroe Doctrine

Marshall Court


Week Twenty-Three:

Week Twenty-Four:
Dynamic Interaction


Literature -


Week Twenty-Five:


Dynamic Interaction



Dynamic Interaction Literature

Week Twenty-Six:

Week Twenty-Seven:
Dawes Act

Dynamic Interaction


Week Twenty-Eight:
Slavery Abolition Act 1833> 

Fugitive Slave Act of 1850




Dynamic Interaction


Week Twenty-Nine:

Dynamic Interaction


Dynamic Interaction Literature


Week Thirty:

Dynamic Interaction
Explore the life of Charles Darwin in pictures here:

Explore documents here:

Queen Victoria Documentary


Dynamic Interaction Literature


Week Thirty-One:
Secession and the Confederacy

Fine Arts
Music: Civil War Music of the North and South

Dynamic Interaction

Lincoln Movie

Week Thirty-Two:
Emancipation Proclamation
 *Be sure to note additional resources at the bottom of the page.  


Dynamic Interaction

Ken Burns Civil War documentary


Dynamic Interaction Literature


Week Thirty-Three:
Reconstruction Acts

Fourteenth Amendment

Fifteenth Amendment

Plessy v. Ferguson


Dynamic Interaction Literature


Week Thirty-Four:

72 Resolutions


British North America Act


Historical Figures
Lucy Maud Montgomery


Dynamic Interaction


Dynamic Interaction Literature


Week Thirty-Five:
Dynamic Interaction


Week Thirty-Six:
Civilization and Culture


Dynamic Interaction



O Canada!

We are thrilled to announce that our Canadian History Task Card Set is available and ready to ship.

This K-8 course is comprised of discovery-oriented tasks designed to facilitate engaged learning about Canadian History. Your students will investigate and explore Canadian culture and history through engaged learning designed to introduce and reinforce key content related to Canadian History. Task Card Sets include a Course Introduction and a set of task cards for student use. This course is comprehensive and the recommended literature is especially rich. Enjoy!


Through June 19 receive $5 off with promotion code: CANADA.

Canadian History Supporting Links

Links for Research and Enrichment:

Canada: A People's History

Canada History

Canadian History

Prime Ministers

Arctic Animals

L.M. Montgomery

Maps to Print:

Map of Canada

Map of North America

World Map

Pictures to Print:

*Print at your own discretion with regards to copyright law and personal use. Google images is also available and owide selection. You may have to scroll to select appropriate pictures.

Pictures of First Nations Daily Life

Pictures of First Nations Art and Artifacts

Pictures of Explorers

Pictures of Acadian Daily Life

Pioneer Daily Life 1700s

Pictures depicting the war of 1812

Pictures of Immigrants

Pictures of Buffalo Hunts

Large Picture of a Buffalo

Pictures of Gold Mining and Gold Miners

Pictures of animals of the arctic

Pictures of Canadian Pacific Railway

Pictures of early days of Ice Hockey

Lyrics to "O Canada"

Pictures of Trench Warfare

Text of "In Flanders Field"

Pictures related to discovery of insulin

Pictures of Kids during the Great Depression

Pictures of Canadian Recruiting Posters from WWII

Pictures of large variety of Canadians

Pictures of great achievements of Canadians since 1945

Canadian History Scope and Sequence

1 - First Nations


2 - European Explorers


3 - Early Settlements and First Colonies


4 - New France

Biography - Samuel de Champlain


5 - New France, Indian Wars


6 - New France, Voyageurs

Biography - Pierre de LaVerendrye


7 - Acadia


8 - Seven Years' War

Biography - General Montcalm


9 - Canadian British Colonies


10 - Pioneers and Colonies


11 - War of 1812

Biography - General Isaac Brock

Biography - Tecumseh


12 - Rebellion of 1837


13 - Immigration


14 - Underground Railroad


15 - The Metis and the Buffalo


16 - Opening of the West


17 - Western Settlers and Aboriginal Lands

Biography - Maskepetoon


18 - Arctic Exploration


19 - Confederation

Prime Minister - John A. Macdonald


20 - Fenian Uprising, Riel Rebellion

Biography - Louis Riel


21 - Klondike Gold Rush

Biography - Martha Munger


22 - Life in the 1800s


23 - A New Era, Turn-of-the Century

Biography - L.M. Montgomery

Biography - Nellie McClung


24 - World War One


25 - Changing Times


26 - The Great Depression


27 - World War Two


28 - Cold War, Oil Boom

Biography - Farley Mowat


29 - Quebec Nationalism and First Nations


30 - Canadian Achievement and Equal Rights


A Blue Ribbon Day

Thank you, TOS Crew.
We are honored to receive your commendation!


New Materials

Creek Edge Press is back in production mode!
The school year is winding down and our pace is changing. Many hours have been released from school and teaching as recitals and assignments have been completed. The entire Creek Edge Press team is excited to present our next phase of production.

Canadian History Task Card Set 
Our newest set of task cards is complete. We expect they will hit our storefront and be ready to ship by the end of June.

I am particularly happy to release this set as my childhood home bordered Sarnia, Ontario at a time when international exchange took place with ease. My Suzuki violin lessons and many fun community activities took place 'across the bridge.' That background and the help of several Canadian friends of Creek Edge Press have served this project well.

Recitation Handbooks
Relational learning plays an important role in the context of the Task Card Approach. Children need to hear and say new terms. They benefit from opportunities to listen, read, and recite in a group setting. Our Recitation Handbooks allow all levels to experience and work on these skills at the same time. The books include a tiered approach to memory work (called recitation) across the curriculum as well as copywork and dictation for grades K - 12. The handbooks include 32 week open-and-go plans and line up with our History Task Card Sets. An innovative feature of these handbooks is the ability to customize them to include family or church related memory work without disrupting the week by week format. We are hoping to have these in the storefront and ready to ship in August.

Task Card Approach 
This new book explores the foundations and distinctives of the Task Card Approach, providing you with encouragement and practical insight into the application of these principles within your home or school. We are hopeful that this book will be available in e-book format in August. 

2012 - 2013 Catalog 
Our new catalog with course description is located on our home page in a printable pdf version.

Choosing Your Path

Families and schools vary in their preferences for sequencing work in science and history. This article outlines several possibilities for planning the sequence of your studies using Task Card Sets from Creek Edge Press.

If you scroll down this
page you will see a link to our catalog where you will find detailed
descriptions of each Task Card Set. These will help you understand how the cards may be used at various stages. Over time, the standard required in your student's response is increased and students use more detailed materials to complete the tasks as they mature. During the grammar stage, students naturally focus on major figures, events, and basic vocabulary. Dialectic students use in-depth materials that encourage understanding of broad themes and patterns.

Most families prefer to study one era of history each year (or term). This focus provides a shared experience among the students and eases the burden of preparation. It isn't always practical to plan a prepared environment for more than one subject in science, but some families prefer to have several sets going at once for various levels. The following lists details possible plans for one student.

K - Geography and Culture and simple nature study for science
1 - Ancient World and Life Science
2 - Medieval World and Earth and Space
3 - Early Modern World and Physics and Digital Science
4 - Modern World and Chemistry and Great Scientists
5 - Geography and Culture and Ancient World (one semester each) and Life Science
6 - Medieval World and Earth and Space
7 - Early Modern World and Physics and Digital Science
8 - Modern World and Chemistry and Great Scientists

If you want to include a year for American History study, your schedule might look like this.

K - Geography and Culture and nature study
1 - American History and Life Science
2 - Ancient World and Earth and Space
3 - Medieval World and Physics and Digital Science
4 - Early Modern World and Chemistry and Great Scientists
5 - Modern World and Life Science
6 - Geography and Culture and Ancient World (one semester each) and Earth and Space
7 - Medieval World progressing into Early Modern and Physics and Digital Science
8 - Early Modern through Modern World and Chemistry and Great Scientists

Consider mapping out a plan for your oldest student and having the younger students fold in as able. There are many good options. Whatever your preference, you will find that your plan provides focus and eases your preparation. 



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